Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can't hardly wait...

Do these little

cute princesses
look ready at all
for Disney World?!

YES!!! We are in the countdown mode for our Disney World trip. First ever since having the girls! 16 days and we are off. I have to admit though, I am NOT looking forward to the drive down. I realize it's only about a 9 hour trip from our house to the gates of Mickey's pad but with two kids, it's gonna turn out to be a 10-12 hour trip. Seriously. After talking to some friends, I wondered if Doug and I should stay up all night and try to drive while the girls sleep. Of course that would backfire in some way not to mention that one or both of us could nod off while driving so that's not gonna work. Then I thought maybe we'd get up at like 4 am and hopefully the kids would drift back to sleep once on the road. Yeah right! Knowing Delaney....once awake, staying awake. Especially with the knowledge that we are on the road to friggin Disney World! So we're just doing it the fun ole' fashioned family way. I'm preparing myself for lots of "When are we going to be there?" or "Are we there YET!" Nothing is going to burst my bubble though cause we are going to Disney World....yeah!

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