Monday, August 24, 2009

Not my child Monday...

The idea for today's blog is from MckMama at where mommas can unite together in our imperfections!

It was NOT my child that did not nap two days in a row causing catastrophe-like meltdowns of such proportion that I cannot even describe into words her behavior. These same said meltdowns did NOT occur at the dinner table where this lovely little two year old picked up her plate at threw it onto the floor. Nope! Our two year old knows that she is supposed to nap every day and would never skip it. She would also never waste food in that fashion knowing there are starving children all over the world. Not my child.

It was NOT my child that teased her Nana's dog all day Saturday while visiting at the campground. She did not chase her around and poke her with her fingers in hopes that this 4 pound chihuahua would use her baby teeth to nip at her. She also did not giggle hysterically when this would occur. Nope. My child respects all animals and would never resort to this kind of behavior for entertainment purposes. She also did NOT crawl into same said dog's pet crate and roll up into a ball. She did NOT scream at her father to close the door to pet crate so she could be trapped. My child knows to play with her toys and would never put herself in a claustrophobic space.

Finally, it was NOT my child who closed herself into her parents' bathroom where she happily proceeded to unravel the entire brand new roll of toilet paper. We are tree huggers here and are NOT wasteful. My child would never resort to wasting anything. My child is quite the conservationist.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little mommas

I just LOVE these shots of the girls reading books to their babies. Really...does it get any sweeter than this? Just another day that again I am thankful for them and thankful God has put them in my life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can't hardly wait...

Do these little

cute princesses
look ready at all
for Disney World?!

YES!!! We are in the countdown mode for our Disney World trip. First ever since having the girls! 16 days and we are off. I have to admit though, I am NOT looking forward to the drive down. I realize it's only about a 9 hour trip from our house to the gates of Mickey's pad but with two kids, it's gonna turn out to be a 10-12 hour trip. Seriously. After talking to some friends, I wondered if Doug and I should stay up all night and try to drive while the girls sleep. Of course that would backfire in some way not to mention that one or both of us could nod off while driving so that's not gonna work. Then I thought maybe we'd get up at like 4 am and hopefully the kids would drift back to sleep once on the road. Yeah right! Knowing Delaney....once awake, staying awake. Especially with the knowledge that we are on the road to friggin Disney World! So we're just doing it the fun ole' fashioned family way. I'm preparing myself for lots of "When are we going to be there?" or "Are we there YET!" Nothing is going to burst my bubble though cause we are going to Disney World....yeah!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coming to an end....

Hadley likes to practice safety with all the floaties!

Delaney playing on the pool stairs

Just coming out of the water

Delaney sporting her Up 3-D glasses

Hadley sporting her goggles....Scuba Sally!

Hadley being a ham after torturing Gary the grasshopper

Hadley peering into the bug box to check on Gary the grasshopper

As much as I enjoy summer time and all the fun things I get to do with the girls, I'm always happy for it to wrap up. I find myself getting grumpy for lack of alone time. I also find myself running out of fresh ideas to keep the kiddos from going nuts & taking me with them. So a little more than a week, BOTH girls will be off to preschool. Delaney will be doing Pre-K this year (sniff, sniff) and Hadley will be going to the two year class twice a week. I am excited because this is the first real break I'll have had since Delaney started preschool in the toddler class & I was pregnant with Hadley( so like 2-1/2 years). WOOHOO!

This summer has also been a bit harder for me than summers past. In an effort to save money due to the economy, our upcoming Disney trip (in less than a month), and just life in general, I did not sign the girls up for any activities this summer. I decided we needed to learn to survive without all the hustle-bustle that this generation of kids seems to have generated. We did play dates with friends, trips to the park, fed the ducks, bug catching, swimming pool excursions, good ole fashioned sprinkler time in the back yard, camping, and swimming at the lake. At first, I didn't know if we'd all survive or not. I thought we'd need swimming lessons or tennis lessons or something else to occupy ourselves. And YES, I will admit, it was very hard at the start but after the first month, we kind of got used to it. The best part of the whole "experiment" was that the girls learned how to entertain themselves more and didn't look to me quite as much as they used to to find things for them to do. They also learned how to play together better and became more creative using their imaginations. This last part made me feel especially good. I felt like I gave them a gift. Not only was this good for them but it was good for me. I was the one who needed to learn how to be with my kids without having to scoot them off to various activities. It was eye opening and will make me reflect differently on how we approach future activities.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Horse Anatomy

Yesterday, due to good behavior & the fact that I don't think I've bought either girl a single toy all summer long, I told the girls while we were shopping at Wal-Mart that they could each pick out one small toy. Hadley picked some outdoor bucket with shovels & a watering can which is fabulous because it will reside outdoors. Delaney, my horse lover, found a two pack of horses that looks more like something you'd display instead of play with but I could see she REALLY wanted them. So we purchased our toys & everyone was happy.

We get home and of course Delaney is relentless about wanting me to open up her new horses. As any parent with small children knows, the horses are practically screwed in & glued down for fear of shoplifters! After wrestling the package open and removing the horses, I look down to notice that one of the horses is CLEARLY a boy horse. How would I know this? Well....the maker of this specific horse has chosen to give this horse a "package." Now don't get me wrong, we are not a modest family. Delaney has seen Doug naked after showering or like any child, she has burst in the bathroom while he's using it to delve into deep conversation. She has seen a penis & knows what one looks like. However, none of her toys have ever had one to display and I'm already envisioning many conversations about this toy penis. I even found myself annoyed with the manufacturer of this toy.

So the horses are free from their box and I hand them to Delaney so she can play with them. Within seconds of having them in her clutches, she notices the penis and looks up at me.

D: Mom, that is that?

Me: Honey, that is a BOY horse. That is his private area.

D: What's it called?

Me: It's called a penis. All boys have a penis. All girls have a hoo-hoo (her word for vagina).

D: Oh. Okay mommy.

She seemed fine with this and ran away to play. At one point I even heard the horse using the potty in the grass so I knew she truly got it. So last night Doug comes home from work and Delaney is playing with her horses in the kitchen. Doug notices she has new horses and is asking her about them.

Doug: Where did you get those horses?

Delaney: They are new Daddy. Mommy got them for me today.

Doug: They are nice.

Delaney: Daddy look! This one is a boy horse and has a penis just like YOU!

At this point Doug's eyes look like they're going to bulge out of his head. I can tell he was NOT prepared to have this conversation! Ha! He looks at me and looks back to her but I can't quite remember what was said next because I was laughing so hard. Later on his remarks to me are basically that he cannot believe our 4 year old used the word penis. Had she been 2, I probably would have made a "cute" word like pee-pee or something else ridiculous to describe the word penis to her. But at 4, almost 5, I just couldn't do it. So now the word penis is dropping like a bomb all over my house thanks to this flippin horse!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Out of the mouth....

I know there are some words that come out of Delaney's mouth that are not really bad words but because we live in a super-sensitive world, I feel that we have to be extra cautious of the things she says. It doesn't help that 95% of the words she hears that are considered "bad" are words from her beloved "G" rated Disney movies. Like....STUPID, LOSER, SHUT get the idea! So we were riding in the car the other day headed to meet some friends when Delaney starts up a conversation that goes something like this:

D: Mom did you know that Cruella Deville is a loser?

Me: honey I didn't know that. You know, I don't like the word loser so let's not use it okay?

D: I know mommy but she isn't very nice so that makes her a loser.

Me: You're right dear, Cruella isn't very nice.

I mean seriously, how in the world am I to argue that logic? The woman kidnaps puppies to skin them for their fur for crying out loud! So yes Delaney.....Cruella Deville is a LOSER!!!