Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Worth a thousand words

Doug and I took the girls hiking this past weekend up at Kennesaw Mountain. When I say "hiking," what I really mean is Doug and I huffing and puffing as we alternate kids back and forth. They start out all into it, and then about maybe a half a mile or so Hadley starts chanting, "hold you." In Hadley's two year old squabble this means pick me up NOW. Delaney can last a bit longer. Maybe another half a mile or so and then she starts needing a shoulder ride. Thank God that doesn't apply to me. The thought of hoisting that 43 lb kid onto my shoulders makes my lower back ache. Yes...I am getting older.

While on our hike, I snapped a few pictures of Hadley who was determined to pick some flowers/weeds off of the trail. I just found these shots of her so sweet. In my "mommy" eyes when I look at her, I still see my baby. My little sweet baby who has been nothing but giggles since day one. When I look at her through my camera, it's hard not to notice how grown she has become already. I see a little girl. I see a little girl who is still very dependent on me and given the type of day it is, this can be good or bad. I see a little girl who pops her head up every morning when I go to get her out of her bed with such happiness to see me. I see a little girl who can seriously light up a room with those startling blue eyes of hers. And for all of this...I am SO thankful.

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Ellie said...

Beautiful pictures!! So sweet. I feel this way about my son, too - sometimes I can still see the 'baby' in him, sometimes he looks all too grown up.

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!