Monday, July 20, 2009

Not my child Monday...

It was not my adorable two year old child that picked up dog poop this weekend in the backyard & started throwing it up in the air like confetti. My kids know better and would never touch poop. My kids have zero interest in poop altogether. The same said two year old also did not turn around and purposely step on it with her sandal after just receiving an entire lecture about why poop is gross. My kids would never stoop to such behavior.

It was definitely not my 4 year old child that called me and her sister "those idiots" this weekend while on a nature hike through the woods. She would never repeat the bad words that sometimes are said right in front of her. Nope. My child would not even know which context to use these bad words in.

And it was definitely not my child that squirted her little sister in the face with the garden hose while filling up her pool. There is no such thing as sibling rivalry in this house. Ever. It's a 24/7 sisterly love fest in this house.

The idea for today's blog is from one of my favorites:


Angie Vik said...

Yep, kids do crazy things. There cause and effect isn't fully developed yet. Cute NMM post.

Transparent Mama said...

You had me laughing out loud with the poop being thrown like confetti! Great post.

Ellie said...

ROFL! LOVE IT! There's so many things my children never do, I can hardly stand it.