Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

This weekend, I did not let my 4 year old daughter pee through her bathing suit in the backyard like a dog, because she was dripping wet & I did not want her tracking water through the house. Besides being totally ghetto & redneck, that is just something I would never do.

I also did not threaten the same said 4 year old with no fireworks if she didn't take a nap. I mean, I'm only 30 years old, what the heck do I know about not napping and staying up extremely late? I would never resort to this kind of behavior.

I would never let my 2 year old daughter lick the toy display at McDonald's that probably had about 2,000 different finger prints on it from other critically ill children. I definitely keep a better eye on my kids than that.

Lastly, I would never let my kids watch Spongebob Squarepants just so I could have a few minutes of peace and quiet while blogging. I mean really, they are angels all the time, why would I have to do something like that?

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Carmen said...

I had no idea you read MckMama's blog! She rocks.