Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lil bakers

Oh's time to make homemade chocolate chip cookies! To be perfectly honest, we really only like the cookie dough. There's something about actually baking homemade cookie dough that makes the cookies bake harder than store bought cookie dough. I'm no scientist; I'm just saying! So this is one of my girls absolute favorite things to do...for obvious reasons. They LOVE to help me mix the ingredients for the cookies. Now that Hadley is a bit older, she is also able to help pour ingredients & even tries cracking the eggs! I'm not gonna lie, it's downright messy & when we're finished, both girls look like that woman who does the Rice Krispie treat commercials; flour all over their cute little faces. The mess doesn't concern me so as long as they have fun and enjoy helping in the kitchen. Doug always tells me how gross it is that I photograph them while they have blobs of cookie dough hanging on their faces, hands or other extremeties but I say it's cute!


Ellie said...

Adorable! Look how happy they are! Getting messy and eating the dough are absolutely the best parts about baking... :)

Jana said...

your girls are beautiful! I have an amazing ccc recipe on my blog because I am crazy and only want a really good doughy cookie!
you seriously just crack me up though, I read a few of your blogs and my eyes are watering from laughing so hard. Thanks for that I needed it!