Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laugh of the day

Today the girls and I headed over to the zoo. We have a season pass so we are there pretty regularly. After eating lunch the girls were running around under this huge covered gazebo that is there. I noticed a few small rain puddles but wasn't too concerned because even if they laid down in it, the damage would not have been that severe. I look up in time to see Hadley take a corner too fast and topple over into one of the said puddles. It was really no big deal. Her dress was a little wet in one spot & her leg had a mixture of dirt & water. Nothing a few baby wipes couldn't take care of! This is the conversation with Delaney that went down next:
D: Awwwwe Hadley! You got all damn dirty!
Me: (Mind you I'm turning away trying not to laugh outright in her face but cannot manage to hide my chuckle) Excuse me?
D: When me and daddy went camping in the woods, we had to take a shower and after we took our shower I fell down in the mud and got dirty and daddy said, "We just took a darn shower and now you're all damn dirtyyyy!" So that's what I said to Hadley, "You're all damn dirty!"
Me: Oh really? I need to talk to your daddy then.
I did not even address the word "damn" which I probably should have since I obviously don't want her going off to preschool & using this word in casual conversation. I was just so taken off guard with her using it in the first place. And to think that her father actually got on to me for saying the word hell in front of her the other day! The nerve of him!


Carmen said...

Garrett to me about a year ago: Sit down mama! Sit your ass down!!

Kari Anne said...

Hi. Found your blog through "Daddy Scratches" and I SO know what you are talking about! My daughter was about 2 1/2 at the time...she said GD... That's not a word that is said often in our house...but, she picked up on it. I was in my room getting dressed to go somewhere. She was on my bed. She dropped something and said. "GD..Damnit, Damnit, Damnit". Need-less-to-say, we (meaning my husband) started watching his mouth from that moment on! Now she's 9 (going on 15) and rolls her eyes when shes at her dad's and he says something... Cracks me up! Thank God it was a one time thing! Love the blog!