Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She really loves her paci.....but I DON'T!!!

I could literally sit here all morning & find pictures of Hadley playing, jumping, climbing, etc. all with her beloved pacifier in her mouth. She lovingly refers to this thing as her "ucky." Well, I have had all I can stand of this "ucky." Of course, I have no one to blame but myself because I'm pretty sure it's my fault that Hadley loves her pacifier as much as she does. Let's review the facts at hand. First off, Hadley is a second child therefore I did not give her the 24/7 in your face attention that the firstborn tends to get. I feel badly even saying this fact out loud but it's true nonetheless. Second, when she reached about 4 months of age, I knew this child could sleep through the night without needing a feeding. So, I offered her the "ucky" instead of a bottle. Aaaaah! Magic or so it seemed at the time. Third, any time this child wimpered, cried, screamed, etc. someone would produce the pacifier & problem solved! Instant quiet & we were all happy again. The list just goes on and on and on.
Now, 2 months after turning the big 2, we are tired of seeing the pacifier. Hadley's obsession with this thing has reached new levels. Bottom line, I am getting rid of it if it's the last thing I possibly accomplish this summer! So yesterday....I gathered up all SIX pacifiers that I could find (even the gross fuzzy one that was shoved in the stroller & God knows how long it had been hiding there). I ceremoniously took them into the kitchen where I proceeded to poke 3 holes in each one. No need for me to panic just yet though...I knew Hadley would not care about the holes and would continue to suck the life out of these things. Right again! So on Friday, I plan on getting out the scissors & snipping a small portion of each pacifier off. I will do this once every week until there's nothing left for her to suck on!!! Ha! I may be going weeks with no sleep but really...that wouldn't a new change for me so bring it on!

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