Monday, June 8, 2009

Parakeet anyone?

On Saturday, we took the girls to the zoo to see the new Parakeet exhibit. I was unsure as to why it's so popular but now I see why. The exhibit is outside with a mesh netting surrounding the building so the cute lil parakeets don't fly away. You buy little wooden sticks that have a small wad of bird seed on the end of them. As you can see in the pictures, the birds land on the sticks to eat. The girls were absolutely tickled to have a bird land within their reach! Hadley of course was trying her hardest to kidnap one of the birds and giggled hysterically every single time they fluttered away. At one point, we caught Hadley behind a "employees only" roped off area & she was chasing the birds. They (it seemed like 200) all flew away at once leaving the entire exhibit area staring at my giggling sweetheart. Whoops! I must say, if you can spare a day at the zoo, it's worth the trip! FYI...the feeding sticks are $1 each.

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