Friday, June 5, 2009

Our silly girl and her redneck parents....

Yes...this is our sweet Hadley eating a popsicle with no bathing suit on in a swim diaper! Can you say, your parents might be rednecks if.... The girls were playing on their water slide & decided they needed a sweet cold treat this particular afternoon. And really, who could blame them? It felt like a 100 degrees outside. I was sweating something serious all the while contemplating kicking off my flip-flops & diving into the 2 ft kiddie pool. So anyway, Hadley only has a swim diaper in these pictures because she decided moments prior to being photographed that she needed to take care of "business." Well, I just hate when that happens while she's wearing a swim diaper. It really makes for a huge mess and sometimes can be a bit embarrassing. Needless to say, if we had been at a public pool this particular incident, we would have had to evacuate the kids! So, being lazy because again it feels like it's 100 degrees, I opted to stick her back into a swim diaper and to heck with the bathing suit. Besides, Hadley wanted to work on her tan lines. I just love her in these pictures though! I mean so stinkin cute for one thing and I especially love how she's sticking out her belly & rubbing it while she's eating her popsicle. I love how much fun the girls have in the summer!

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