Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's gonna be a LONGGGGGG summer.....

Okay...sorry to be complaining only a month into the summer break, but I need to vent for a minute. So this past school year is the first year that Delaney has REALLY loved going to preschool. No more tears, tantrums, screaming, etc. It was a joy dropping her off to say the least...and not just because I got 4 hours of peace and quiet on the Delaney front. But all the wonderfulness is backfiring on me now because Delaney misses. School. A. Lot. So trying to be the good mom that I sometimes think I have the potential to be, I started a preschool playgroup for the summer so the kids all get a few opportunities a month to still see each other and play. This seems to be helping somewhat but it's only scratching the surface. Here are a few of the crazy absurd things I've been dealing with this morning since 7 am (yeah that's right my kids are up at the crack of dawn).

"Moooommmmyyyyy....Hadley beat me to the bathroom!!! (Wailing). It was my turn to win racing to the bathroom!!!!" At this point she's crying hysterically and running off to her room to finish her tantrum.

When she comes back to the bathroom to brush her teeth we continue with this:
"Mommy, can you puuulease give me a kiss to make me feel better? I just don't think I can brush my teeth without you helping me today!"

Ten minutes later as I'm checking my email, Hadley & our dog, Buddy, are playing in the hallway. Now Delaney is very territorial with Buddy because she thinks he's her dog. I'm assuming Delaney tries to join in on their playing but I don't see what's happening because I'm not in the hallway with them at the time that this goes down:
Hadley starts screaming. Dead silence for about 3 seconds. In enters Delaney. "Mommy?" "Mommy?!" Pause. "MOMMYYYY! Why aren't you talking to me? Hadley screamed at me and it hurt my feelings." She then burst into tears. Again.

This is the point where I want to stick my head in the oven. Seriously, all I want to do is sit down for 10 minutes and check my email and that's just madness. It can't happen without the whole damn house falling down. Whatever happened to kids entertaining themselves? I'm screaming this in my mind as I flip through the calendar counting down the days when I can send both girls off to preschool. Oh happy days.....


greenkiddo said...

amen sister!!! i concur whole heartily!

Anonymous said...

Don't stick your head in the oven yet, there's so much more to endure, oops, I mean ENJOY.