Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Garden Stone

This year for Father's Day, I thought it would be fun for the girls to make Doug a stone for his vegetable garden. I really really like to do craft projects with the girls & I always think homemade gifts are the nicest. So we were at my favorite store, Michaels, when I had a vision of happily making this beautiful stone.
So we waited for a rainy day which at the time didn't take long at all. This stone is made out of concrete which means careful mixing. Now....really I should have made this an outdoor project but when I looked at this size of the concrete mold, it being pretty small, I didn't think it would make that big of a mess. We got out an old cheap bowl that I could throw away without worrying about scrubbing it and saving it while it was pouring rain outside. I mixed the concrete first getting out all the lumps. Unfortunately, I added a little bit too much water but according to the box, no BIG deal. Both girls were pleading for a turn to mix the concrete. I let Delaney mix first because she's the oldest and I always like to think that Hadley will get an idea of how it's supposed to be done if she observes first.
Delaney stirs first and everything is absolutely fine. No spills so all is good! Next I hand Hadley the spoon & she stirs. Everything seems great and she's happy so it's going off without a hitch. Now it's time to pour the concrete into the mold. I nicely ask Hadley to please give back the spoon so I can use it to scrape out the bowl. She screams slightly at me. More of a warning scream if you will. This doesn't scare me. I look at her and with a little bit more stern of a voice ask that she give me the spoon back. All of a sudden several things happen at once. First Hadley rears back clutching the spoon to her chest as if it's her pacifier. Next thing I see is that she's falling backwards and the spoon falls out of her hand splattering concrete all over the floor, walls & door. I know I should have been more concerned about her fall then anything else. I mean, who cares right? My sweet second born baby should trump stupid house right? Wrong. I mean I remember making sure she hadn't broken any bones or anything. From that moment all I could see was the color red! If she had just willingly surrendered the damn spoon I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. All in a flash my sweet little Father's Day project was turning to shit. Of course it never helps in these types of situations that my 4 year-old mother was barking orders at me about cleaning up the concrete in the background. So after all is cleaned up we have to leave the stone set for a while because I added way too much water and we can't decorate it until it's a bit more firm. While I'm stewing about the water, I read in the directions that you can use a paper towel and gently lay it on the stone to help absorb the "extra" water. So I do this. And do this. And do this about at least 100 times more. Finally it's time to decorate. Which is pretty much a replay of the earlier incident minus the splattering of concrete. Hadley got to decorate a small corner and then went ballistic because I wouldn't let her take the jewels back off of the stone. Needless to say Delaney got to finish the stone by herself. By this point. I. AM. OVER. IT. I don't foresee us making a business out of garden stones for kids.
Yesterday the girls presented their beloved garden stone to Doug for Father's Day. I have to say that even though it was a pain to make, seeing how excited the girls were to present Doug with his stone was priceless. It was like all the ugliness of the whole situation got erased from their brains. They were just excited and happy for him to see it. In the end I guess that's all that matters!


Carmen said...

Perhaps your 4 year old mother and my 3 year old father should go on a date sometime. Garrett is a bossy little boy....wonder who he gets it from. Your story made me LOL. At least the stone turned out cute!

Katie said...

Thanks Carmen! Yes, isn't it funny how grown up they can act? I know the "bossy" thing comes from being the first born and all.