Friday, June 26, 2009

T-R-O-U-B-L-E comes "Trouble" as I've lovingly nicknamed my second-born cutie. I mean if my stories don't do justice then perhaps these pictures will help. This is Hadley's newest trick as of lately. She takes the stool out of the bathroom and pushes it into the kitchen. She then scales the cabinets & taaadaaaah...she's onto the countertops! Most of the time, I catch her sitting there eating handfuls of M&Ms out of the candy dish (which reminds me that I need to relocate this beloved dish). On this particular day, she decided that she was unhappy with her sippy cup and needed a better one. If she weren't so flippin cute while she was doing it...she would be in BIG trouble! Yeah right! Doug says I'm a wimp when it comes to this girl. Sometimes just a bit I suppose.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Garden Stone

This year for Father's Day, I thought it would be fun for the girls to make Doug a stone for his vegetable garden. I really really like to do craft projects with the girls & I always think homemade gifts are the nicest. So we were at my favorite store, Michaels, when I had a vision of happily making this beautiful stone.
So we waited for a rainy day which at the time didn't take long at all. This stone is made out of concrete which means careful mixing. Now....really I should have made this an outdoor project but when I looked at this size of the concrete mold, it being pretty small, I didn't think it would make that big of a mess. We got out an old cheap bowl that I could throw away without worrying about scrubbing it and saving it while it was pouring rain outside. I mixed the concrete first getting out all the lumps. Unfortunately, I added a little bit too much water but according to the box, no BIG deal. Both girls were pleading for a turn to mix the concrete. I let Delaney mix first because she's the oldest and I always like to think that Hadley will get an idea of how it's supposed to be done if she observes first.
Delaney stirs first and everything is absolutely fine. No spills so all is good! Next I hand Hadley the spoon & she stirs. Everything seems great and she's happy so it's going off without a hitch. Now it's time to pour the concrete into the mold. I nicely ask Hadley to please give back the spoon so I can use it to scrape out the bowl. She screams slightly at me. More of a warning scream if you will. This doesn't scare me. I look at her and with a little bit more stern of a voice ask that she give me the spoon back. All of a sudden several things happen at once. First Hadley rears back clutching the spoon to her chest as if it's her pacifier. Next thing I see is that she's falling backwards and the spoon falls out of her hand splattering concrete all over the floor, walls & door. I know I should have been more concerned about her fall then anything else. I mean, who cares right? My sweet second born baby should trump stupid house right? Wrong. I mean I remember making sure she hadn't broken any bones or anything. From that moment all I could see was the color red! If she had just willingly surrendered the damn spoon I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. All in a flash my sweet little Father's Day project was turning to shit. Of course it never helps in these types of situations that my 4 year-old mother was barking orders at me about cleaning up the concrete in the background. So after all is cleaned up we have to leave the stone set for a while because I added way too much water and we can't decorate it until it's a bit more firm. While I'm stewing about the water, I read in the directions that you can use a paper towel and gently lay it on the stone to help absorb the "extra" water. So I do this. And do this. And do this about at least 100 times more. Finally it's time to decorate. Which is pretty much a replay of the earlier incident minus the splattering of concrete. Hadley got to decorate a small corner and then went ballistic because I wouldn't let her take the jewels back off of the stone. Needless to say Delaney got to finish the stone by herself. By this point. I. AM. OVER. IT. I don't foresee us making a business out of garden stones for kids.
Yesterday the girls presented their beloved garden stone to Doug for Father's Day. I have to say that even though it was a pain to make, seeing how excited the girls were to present Doug with his stone was priceless. It was like all the ugliness of the whole situation got erased from their brains. They were just excited and happy for him to see it. In the end I guess that's all that matters!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My girls....

Awwwwe! I took these shots about a week ago while the girls were hanging out in the backyard. They can be so sweet together it makes my heart sometimes feel as though it will just burst! It's in moments like these that I find myself so blessed & thankful for what I have. Because at the end of the day, it's not about how much money you make, the things you've bought or how big your house is. It's all about family & the ones you love. This much I know is true...I love these girls to the moon & back!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She really loves her paci.....but I DON'T!!!

I could literally sit here all morning & find pictures of Hadley playing, jumping, climbing, etc. all with her beloved pacifier in her mouth. She lovingly refers to this thing as her "ucky." Well, I have had all I can stand of this "ucky." Of course, I have no one to blame but myself because I'm pretty sure it's my fault that Hadley loves her pacifier as much as she does. Let's review the facts at hand. First off, Hadley is a second child therefore I did not give her the 24/7 in your face attention that the firstborn tends to get. I feel badly even saying this fact out loud but it's true nonetheless. Second, when she reached about 4 months of age, I knew this child could sleep through the night without needing a feeding. So, I offered her the "ucky" instead of a bottle. Aaaaah! Magic or so it seemed at the time. Third, any time this child wimpered, cried, screamed, etc. someone would produce the pacifier & problem solved! Instant quiet & we were all happy again. The list just goes on and on and on.
Now, 2 months after turning the big 2, we are tired of seeing the pacifier. Hadley's obsession with this thing has reached new levels. Bottom line, I am getting rid of it if it's the last thing I possibly accomplish this summer! So yesterday....I gathered up all SIX pacifiers that I could find (even the gross fuzzy one that was shoved in the stroller & God knows how long it had been hiding there). I ceremoniously took them into the kitchen where I proceeded to poke 3 holes in each one. No need for me to panic just yet though...I knew Hadley would not care about the holes and would continue to suck the life out of these things. Right again! So on Friday, I plan on getting out the scissors & snipping a small portion of each pacifier off. I will do this once every week until there's nothing left for her to suck on!!! Ha! I may be going weeks with no sleep but really...that wouldn't a new change for me so bring it on!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hadley the fish

Yes...this is our cute little fish aka Hadley. This is the first year I have felt comfortable enough taking the girls to our neighborhood pool without Doug in tow. For starters, as a lot of you know, I have a weird phobia of kids in water. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like an overcautious nervous wreck of a mom. Unfortunately, because of my neurosis, I think Delaney is kind of a chicken when it comes to being in the water. She's fine in kiddie pools and things of that nature but a big pool is another story. It's probably my fault. I've always heard the saying that you tend to pass on your fears to your kids.
This year with Hadley, I was determined to be better & not act like a lunatic. So we purchased a pair of floaties for her and marched down to the pool. It didn't take this child long to figure out how to keep her mouth shut or to spit out the water. We tried easing her into jumping off the side into the water. We would let her jump into our arms and NOT let her go under. This lasted for about 20 minutes and then I bravely opened my big mouth and said, "Doug, just let her go under and see what happens." Okay. Fine. So we did. And you know what? She acted like she'd been doing it her whole little 2- year old life. Not a big deal for her at all. Of course, I became a nervous wreck all over again! How can I not? Hadley was going under the water a good foot or more before coming back up! Aaaaah! My stomach was twisted into knots & I felt like I would throw up at any minute. But I didn't...and she's loving her new found freedom in the pool. Of course now the problem with our super swimmer is, she does better than her 4-year old sister! I actually caught myself saying to Delaney the other day, "If your baby sister can do it, so can you." Ha! Bad mama! And really, how can I say this when I know exactly how Delaney feels?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's gonna be a LONGGGGGG summer.....

Okay...sorry to be complaining only a month into the summer break, but I need to vent for a minute. So this past school year is the first year that Delaney has REALLY loved going to preschool. No more tears, tantrums, screaming, etc. It was a joy dropping her off to say the least...and not just because I got 4 hours of peace and quiet on the Delaney front. But all the wonderfulness is backfiring on me now because Delaney misses. School. A. Lot. So trying to be the good mom that I sometimes think I have the potential to be, I started a preschool playgroup for the summer so the kids all get a few opportunities a month to still see each other and play. This seems to be helping somewhat but it's only scratching the surface. Here are a few of the crazy absurd things I've been dealing with this morning since 7 am (yeah that's right my kids are up at the crack of dawn).

"Moooommmmyyyyy....Hadley beat me to the bathroom!!! (Wailing). It was my turn to win racing to the bathroom!!!!" At this point she's crying hysterically and running off to her room to finish her tantrum.

When she comes back to the bathroom to brush her teeth we continue with this:
"Mommy, can you puuulease give me a kiss to make me feel better? I just don't think I can brush my teeth without you helping me today!"

Ten minutes later as I'm checking my email, Hadley & our dog, Buddy, are playing in the hallway. Now Delaney is very territorial with Buddy because she thinks he's her dog. I'm assuming Delaney tries to join in on their playing but I don't see what's happening because I'm not in the hallway with them at the time that this goes down:
Hadley starts screaming. Dead silence for about 3 seconds. In enters Delaney. "Mommy?" "Mommy?!" Pause. "MOMMYYYY! Why aren't you talking to me? Hadley screamed at me and it hurt my feelings." She then burst into tears. Again.

This is the point where I want to stick my head in the oven. Seriously, all I want to do is sit down for 10 minutes and check my email and that's just madness. It can't happen without the whole damn house falling down. Whatever happened to kids entertaining themselves? I'm screaming this in my mind as I flip through the calendar counting down the days when I can send both girls off to preschool. Oh happy days.....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Parakeet anyone?

On Saturday, we took the girls to the zoo to see the new Parakeet exhibit. I was unsure as to why it's so popular but now I see why. The exhibit is outside with a mesh netting surrounding the building so the cute lil parakeets don't fly away. You buy little wooden sticks that have a small wad of bird seed on the end of them. As you can see in the pictures, the birds land on the sticks to eat. The girls were absolutely tickled to have a bird land within their reach! Hadley of course was trying her hardest to kidnap one of the birds and giggled hysterically every single time they fluttered away. At one point, we caught Hadley behind a "employees only" roped off area & she was chasing the birds. They (it seemed like 200) all flew away at once leaving the entire exhibit area staring at my giggling sweetheart. Whoops! I must say, if you can spare a day at the zoo, it's worth the trip! FYI...the feeding sticks are $1 each.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our silly girl and her redneck parents....

Yes...this is our sweet Hadley eating a popsicle with no bathing suit on in a swim diaper! Can you say, your parents might be rednecks if.... The girls were playing on their water slide & decided they needed a sweet cold treat this particular afternoon. And really, who could blame them? It felt like a 100 degrees outside. I was sweating something serious all the while contemplating kicking off my flip-flops & diving into the 2 ft kiddie pool. So anyway, Hadley only has a swim diaper in these pictures because she decided moments prior to being photographed that she needed to take care of "business." Well, I just hate when that happens while she's wearing a swim diaper. It really makes for a huge mess and sometimes can be a bit embarrassing. Needless to say, if we had been at a public pool this particular incident, we would have had to evacuate the kids! So, being lazy because again it feels like it's 100 degrees, I opted to stick her back into a swim diaper and to heck with the bathing suit. Besides, Hadley wanted to work on her tan lines. I just love her in these pictures though! I mean so stinkin cute for one thing and I especially love how she's sticking out her belly & rubbing it while she's eating her popsicle. I love how much fun the girls have in the summer!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Fun

Yesterday, our friends Luke & Riley Grace came over & played in our makeshift "White Water." I took the picnic bench over to the pool so they could have a diving board to jump from. They had a blast! Such an easily entertained age group! Oh...the joys of summer time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009's true!

For those of you that don't know this....YES I am a HUGE fan of the Twilight series! It's funny because a year ago at this time, I had no clue what Twilight was. I had seen the books, heard the movie came out, but honestly had zero interest in reading a book about vampires. Then one day, while shopping with the family, the book caught my eye and I decided...what the heck! I had no new books to read at the time and I was curious to see what all the hype was about.

Of course....I became a crazy addicted person when it came to reading these books. I couldn't read them fast enough. It was hard because all I wanted to do was sit down and read. But obviously with two kids & a husband who were all pleading with me to show them some attention, I was not able to read them as quickly as I would have liked. Luckily, I bought them all for myself and I can reread them whenever I want. Yay!

So when Twilight was released on DVD, I could not have been more thrilled. I ran out to Wal-Mart with both girls at 8 am because I wanted to make sure I got a copy (they actually had plenty). I have watched it more times than I will admit to. Doug just rolls his eyes at me. I'm sure he thinks I'm going through some mid-life crisis.

Now.....we are being teased with the next movie in the series due to be released in November (I'll never make it at this rate). MTV debuted the trailer to New Moon Sunday night and of course, I've watched it...and watched it...and watched it. I'm thrilled! Lucky for me, I have two very close friends who are also sucked into this saga. We talk frequently like a bunch of high school girls fantasizing about the popular boy in school. Ahhh...Edward Cullen!

If you're interested in checking out the books, go to:

Until November gets here, I will have to content myself to the books. Not that that's a bad thing either.....heehee!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Reverse Psychology 101 parenting is not an easy job by any stretch. Doug and I try to be on the same page as far as how to discipline the girls but we don't always see eye to eye. So the other day, I took the girls to Wal-Mart with me to grocery shop. While we we turning a corner and heading down a new aisle, Delaney was looking behind her and not paying a bit of attention to where she was walking, smacked her head onto the shopping cart. While I waited for hysterics to break out, which with girls always seem to happen, this is what unfolded:

K: Honey, I'm so sorry (kisses for head injury). You really need to pay attention to where you're walking, okay?

D: Mommy! How could you do that to me??!

K: You have to watch in front of you so you can see when mommy is going to stop the shopping cart. You ran into the cart because you weren't paying attention.

D: How would you like it if I took your head and smacked it onto the shopping cart?'s where I notice that Doug has been using his "reverse psychology" technique and of course, it's rearing it's ugly head at me. So I didn't say anything else to Delaney because I honestly didn't know what to say. I did have a few words for her father later on....