Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hadley & Henry

Here are a few pics of Hadley & her sweet boyfriend, Henry. Hadley met Henry at Gymboree and they've become fast friends! These pics were taken at a playdate at Henry's house. Henry's mom, Shona, made a ball pit using her pool for Henry's birthday party. It was such a success that they use it quite frequently! As you can see, the kids really enjoy it!

Still kicking.....

Yes, we are still around and kicking! No excuse for not posting except that there really hasn't been anything new going on in our world. Delaney has been busy with preschool. It seems like this year really blew past us; just two short months left and school's out for the summer! Hadley is growing up like a lil weed! She's getting ready to turn 2 next month and I can hardly believe it sometimes! Next year, she will get to accompany her sister to preschool 2 whole days a week! Yay for mommy! As for Doug and myself, we're just busy juggling work, kids & some alone time in between. We're all getting very excited about our trip to Disney World in September. I think I'm going to make a countdown chart for the girls once it gets closer. Other than that, life is pretty much the same here in our world.