Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cagle's Dairy Farm

Today, we headed over to one of our favorite spots, Cagle's Dairy Farm. The last time we went, Delaney was probably 19-20 months old so it's been a while. Still the same old place though. They have their dairy tour where you get to go on a hay ride and tour the farm. Once the tour is over you get to feed the calves (Delaney's favorite part). They also have a corn maize which we've never done yet due to the size of their maize; not sure we're ready for such a big maize yet! They have a pumpkin patch, pony rides, and two air trampolines which we definitely had fun playing on. It's fun, especially for the kiddos! I look forward to going back when Hadley is a little older.

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