Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baking with two lil' chefs

Okay, some of us in this house have a little sweet tooth when it comes to cookie dough....Delaney! As a special treat on rainy days or just to mix up our day a little bit, I let the girls help me make homemade cookies. Chocolate chip of course! Delaney is really good about pouring in all of the ingredients; she's a great helper! Hadley is too little for all that but we do pull up her booster chair and give her measuring cups & kitchen utensils so she doesn't feel left out. After we mix up all the ingredients, it's cookie dough time! Hadley is not so sure about the dough but does LOVE the chocolate chips! Delaney and I devour the dough and I have to make us stop so we don't collapse into sugar comas :)

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