Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Georgia Aquarium

On Monday, Doug and I took the girls to the Georgia Aquarium. We went several times after they first opened so this was Hadley's first trip there. Of course, as a typical 15 month old, she could have cared less about the fish! She was more interested in trying to do her own thing! Delaney really enjoyed herself though. In one of the exhibits that we were looking at, a small alligator swam right up to the glass in front of her and she was thrilled about that! It almost looked like she was in the water with him! I attempted to take a few pictures of some of the beautiful things we saw...doesn't do them justice for sure! Our favorite exhibit was the Ocean Voyager which is a big tunnel aquarium with fish, sharks, etc. swimming everywhere, even overhead. We saw the biggest shark ever in there! Now that the "newness" has died down, I would recommend visiting the Georgia Aquarium if you have not. It's not nearly as crowded as it used to be. I'm not sure I would go back with a 15 month old again but for the preschoolers, it was a lot of fun!


charlie&gracie said...

Fun stuff! Gracie is a maniac now that she is walking so I can only imagine how your adventure was! Love how cute the girls look in their matching tea!!

Katie said...

I must say, I can see how a person could become addicted to buying Tea! I LOVE it!!!