Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a family act around here....

Last but not least tonight, I'm posting these pictures of our family dress-up! Doug is going to KILL me when he finds out I posted these (ha,ha)! Anyhoo, Delaney constantly wants to play dress up and it's one of things I actually love doing. Tonight, she wanted Doug to also play with us (Hadley refused to keep her costume on). I love the picture of Delaney & Doug because you can see how excited she is that he kept on his costume for pictures! As for my picture, let's just say it's dedication to motherhood. LOL

Feeding ducks at Laurel Park

Here are some pictures of us feeding the ducks & geese at Laurel Park. Hadley was overexcited about this whole experience! We couldn't let go of her hand for a second because she was determined to get into the pond with the ducks. She laughed and pointed to the ducks. I think Delaney & Doug did most of the feeding while I was busy wrangling Hadley away from the water! It was fun!

Southern Prep Gym

Okay, I realize I've been really slack lately on posting so hopefully I will make up for it tonight. Here are some pictures of Delaney at Southern Prep Gym jumping/swinging into the foam block pit and bouncing. The lighting in this place wasn't great for pictures so I did the best I could. This is a gym used for cheerleaders & gymnastics. It has trampolines, foam pit, balance beams, tumbling stations, bouncy balls, etc. It's really nice because it's so different from anywhere else we go. Delaney & Hadley both LOVE it. I think their favorite thing is by far the foam pit. As you can see in the pictures, it's a pool-sized pit with foam blocks in it. They even have a rope for the more daring kids to swing on and jump into the blocks. Hadley acts like a rock star and just jumps into the pit on her belly! It's so funny!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cruisin' in the Barbie Jeep....

Now that summer is winding down, we've been spending less time in the pool and/or sprinkler which means we need "other" things to occupy our outdoor time. For Delaney's 2nd birthday, as a gift from Nana & Papa, she received this cool Barbie jeep. It looks brand new because it practically is! While Delaney loves to ride around in it, she will only do so if she's a passenger! She's needs a chauffeur I guess you can say (high maintenance). Since we've moved, the Barbie jeep has been living in the basement. You can say that I kinda forgot about it (oops). Anyway, I drug it out the other day and Hadley has just LOVED playing in it! Of course it comes fully equipped with it's own radio with 3 different music selections. She's too little to reach the peddle for the gas and she isn't coordinated enough yet to steer it, she loves it nonetheless. I've also attached a few pictures of Delaney & Canyon cruising around the yard. Canyon is quite coordinated in this thing as he gets plenty of practice at home with his own vehicles! My hope is that Delaney will one day drive this thing on her own! So far no such luck...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hadley Wadley

Okay, I just love these few shots of little Hadley Wadley (as Delaney calls her). They were taken the day we went to the Aquarium. We were all having a time-out and the minute I got out my camera she started posing! Such a little cutie! Her being so sweet definitely keeps this house sane.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Georgia Aquarium

On Monday, Doug and I took the girls to the Georgia Aquarium. We went several times after they first opened so this was Hadley's first trip there. Of course, as a typical 15 month old, she could have cared less about the fish! She was more interested in trying to do her own thing! Delaney really enjoyed herself though. In one of the exhibits that we were looking at, a small alligator swam right up to the glass in front of her and she was thrilled about that! It almost looked like she was in the water with him! I attempted to take a few pictures of some of the beautiful things we saw...doesn't do them justice for sure! Our favorite exhibit was the Ocean Voyager which is a big tunnel aquarium with fish, sharks, etc. swimming everywhere, even overhead. We saw the biggest shark ever in there! Now that the "newness" has died down, I would recommend visiting the Georgia Aquarium if you have not. It's not nearly as crowded as it used to be. I'm not sure I would go back with a 15 month old again but for the preschoolers, it was a lot of fun!