Monday, July 14, 2008

The Sandbox

While we were vacationing in Hilton Head, we took the girls to a play called The Sandbox. It's a hands-0n children's museum (smaller version of the Atlanta Children's Museum). It's the cutest place! They have a two-story pirate ship complete with costumes, a rock wall, a construction site where the kids wear hard-hats & are able to turn the lights off/on and use tools, moon sand play area, arts/crafts section, train tables, the list is endless. I knew Delaney would love it because she's been one time before. Hadley LOVED it so much that she threw an absolute fit when we had to leave to eat lunch. Her favorite thing was the pirate ship because it had a small elevated area going on/off the ship. So she would go up and down, up and down. So if you're ever in Hilton Head and need a time out from the beach, this is the place to take your little ones!

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