Friday, June 6, 2008

Spirited Daring Girl = Trip to ER

As most of you know, my spunky girl Delaney is quite the adventurous little tomboy. She never hesitates to try anything physical and is quite athletic. Even though she is quite good at physical things, she is also a very clumsy girl. Not graceful in the least. So it comes to no surprise that Delaney spent 3 hours last night at the hospital due to a clumsy fall off the bed. She was playing on the bed in the playroom and lost her balance and smacked into the wall. Of course, I was not in the playroom when it happened. I was in my bedroom which is about 20 feet away. The only thing I heard was Delaney screaming & when I ran to see what happened, I first happened upon Hadley who had a small puddle of blood on her forehead. I was panicked but then realized she was fine. Delaney ran up to me and all I could see on her was blood running down her back & her hair had blood in it. I managed to pull apart her hair and found a nasty little one-inch laceration that I knew in my heart would need stitches. Luckily, Doug came home 10 minutes after all this happened & scooped Delaney up & took her to the hospital. Later on I get a call from Doug telling me that Delaney is getting 2 staples in her head with NO numbing medication. UHHH! I've never had staples before but the thought of this makes me feel panicky & light-headed. So my poor little girl ended up with 3 staples in her scalp and NO numbing medication. Of course she was NOT a happy camper with the ER staff but God bless them for taking care of her. Now I get to look forward to Delaney having them removed in a week....

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