Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Playgroup Mamas

Michelle & Canyon
Meghan & Jonathan

Stephanie & Gracie

Today I'm dedicating this blog to the playgroup mamas in my life. Sorry Jennifer & Amy, I have no pictures of you to post but you are included in this group! These are the women in my life that I have become friends with since having my kids. Most of us met through Gymboree with our first babies and have remained friends ever since. These women are all an inspiration to me in some way. I lean on them for support constantly. Pre-Gymboree days were sometimes lonely because I was home alone all day with no one to really talk to. I'm sure I was driving Doug crazy but I just needed some kind of adult interaction. At the same time, I LOVED being home with Delaney and seeing her learn new things every day. I wouldn't miss it for the world! Then Gymboree entered my world and it was fantastic! I've made some of the greatest friends through this. 3 years later most of us are still around and still leaning on each other for support! Happy Mother's Day to you all! You are all a blessing in my life and I hope we remain friends for a long time to come!


charlie&gracie said...

awwww.. katie!!!

how fun! I love that we are all still friends almost 4 years later and that we have round 2 growing up together!let's play soon!

Katie said...

Absolutely! Once the big kiddos are out of school we are getting these babies together!