Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our New Playset

A few weekends ago, Doug's parents bought the girls a new wooden playset for the backyard. After some blood, sweat & tears, Doug & Steve assembled the beast itself (ha, ha). For those of you who have never constructed one of these things, you are LUCKY! I just have to say, the manufacturer of these little playsets could really save everyone a lot of time & stress by just labeling the wooden pieces instead of making you measure each individual piece to see if you have the right one.'s together and the girls LOVE it. It's been very nice for me personally because now while dinner is in the oven, we can go right into the backyard and play for 30-40 minutes instead of trying to beat the clock and race down to the park here in our subdivision. I think the favorite thing is by far the swings. Of course we have to fight on a daily basis over the blue baby swing because while it used to be Delaney's, it's now Hadley's. While Hadley loves it, so does her big sister! Thank you Mee-Maw & Poppie! We love our playset!

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