Saturday, May 3, 2008

Muffins with Mom

On Wednesday, Delaney's preschool had "Muffins with Mom." Basically, the moms get to come in and enjoy muffins & coffee while the kids present you with gifts they've made just for you. I have attached pictures of the gifts Delaney made for me. I LOVE the flower pot! You can't really see the detail in the picture but on the actual pot, Delaney used her finger & handprints to make flowers & trees. It's soo cute. After Muffins with Mom, the Music & Movement class put on a short skit for the mothers as well. Of course, Delaney was the only child that came in, saw me & decided she'd like to sit with me instead of participate. I tried to convince her otherwise but we all know Delaney, it wasn't happening. So we watched the other kids & it was cute! My hopes are that next year I will get to see my child perform with the others!

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