Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kate Gosselin

This week I'm dedicating all my blogs to Mother's Day. Each blog will be dedicated to a mama that I find inspirational. Today I will start with Kate Gosselin from my favorite show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. A co-worker of Doug's told us about this show this past fall and we started watching it when the writers went on strike. I was instantly hooked! I LOVE this show for all sorts of reasons. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to raise 8 children but I love watching Jon & Kate in their ordinary day-to-day routine. Mostly, when I watch Kate, I see a lot of myself in her. She makes me feel like we're (all mamas) all in this together and we can all do it! Raising kids is by far the most rewarding job I've ever had but let's face it, it's not always fun and games. There are really BAD days and those days make you want to run away screaming. When I find myself having one of these days, I think of Kate and know that she's doing it with MUCH MORE than myself. If she can handle 8 kids, I can definitely handle my 2. I love this show and I hope that it will stay on-air for a long time coming. Happy Mother's Day Kate!

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charlie&gracie said...

I am totally in love with this show! kate is an absolute inspiration!