Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break Fun

Woohoo it's Spring Break! No school for Delaney! I'm sure that's how she felt this week with our more relaxed schedule. Although now that I'm looking back over the week, we were still pretty busy but it was doing FUN things.

Monday: Trip to the doctor; Delaney has a sinus infection & ear infection (admitedly, not fun for any of us).
Tuesday: Playdate with our friends KC, Charli & Jasper. The girls played dress up! Too cute!
Wednesday: Picnic at Lewis Park
Thursday: Trip to Atlanta Zoo (holy cow it was crowded but still fun).
Friday: Playdate with our friends Michelle, Canyon & Luke. The kids played outside ALL day! As you can see in the pictures, a water table event. It got up to 83 degrees so the kids needed some cool relief. And did they ever get it!

So that is our week in a nutshell. Back to school we go on Monday! Only 6 weeks left of school then out for the summer!

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