Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I wanna walk!!

As Hadley's 1st birthday is just a week away, the question I'm often asked is "Is she walking yet?" And to answer that, no she is not (thank God). Since Delaney walked at 10 months old, I am in NO HURRY for my little Hadley to take her first steps. Part of my no-hurry attitude is that she's our last baby and I feel that once she takes her first steps, she will no longer be my little baby. She'll be on her way to being a big girl! I'm not ready for that...not yet. But...I think if Hadley could have her way, she'd be walking now. I wanted to share some pictures of her pushing her toy all over the house; even being risky and trying to manuever it through dangerous and off-limits territory. She's so proud and so frustrated all at the same time. My sinking feeling though is that's we're not far off from walking! I sense we'll be doing it very soon indeed!

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