Friday, April 4, 2008

Finger Painting 101

Typically after the girls nap in the afternoon, we always go outside and play until it's dinnertime. But lately, we've had lots of rainy days so we've had to find other ways to occupy our time. So on this day, we decided to do a little finger painting. Now Delaney as you can see is finger painting with real finger paint. She's pretty good at it and manages to stay pretty clean as she is used to it. But little Hadley, has not had as much practice and is still in the stage of putting absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth. I didn't want her to use real paints because I figured they probably don't taste the best! So, I thought vanilla pudding might be a fun alternative for her and boy did I hit the jackpot on that idea. Hadley LOVED it! She loved the pudding so much that she licked it off the table when there was no more (yes I posted a picture of her doing this). The only mistake I probably made in all this was I should have placed a sheet under her chair to catch little bits of pudding she sprinkled on the floor for Buddy to eat! But no worries, Buddy managed to clean up pretty well after her!


charlie&gracie said...

it official! you are mom of the year.... i'm sending charlie and gracie to your house to be entertained! :) gracie would love pudding!

Katie said...

Ha! You're too funny...yes Gracie would love the pudding. I felt like Hadley needed to be taken outside and hosed off after she was done! What a mess but she did have fun :)