Friday, April 18, 2008

Buddy the Great

Okay, feeling kinda guilty, I am dedicating this blog to our dog, Buddy. Why? I feel guilty because we've had this beloved creature for 10 years now. Since having the girls, he has really taken the back burner around here and doesn't always get the attention or praise that he deserves. Although this dog can drive me insane for all sorts of reasons, he is truly a GREAT dog. He is so darn good with our kids. He is so sweet to Delaney even as she's running around the house holding his bone in her hands hoping he'll chase her for it. Now that we have Hadley he's been sweet to her as well. Much to his delight, she is playing fetch with him now. She may not throw the ball very far but it's the effort that counts! So if you're reading this Buddy....we do LOVE you even if we don't show it like we should!!!

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