Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hadley's Gymboree Party

Hadley Wadley
It's the Birthday Girl!
Hadley & Mommy
Her Second Birthday Cupcake
(Also a BIG success)
Johnathan Luke

On Sunday we celebrated Hadley's first birthday with friends and family at Gymboree. For those of you who don't know, Gymboree is a place with child-sized equipment to climb, jump & play on. They sing songs, blow bubbles, do parachute time, etc. It's really a lot of fun and Hadley had a blast! I feel so bad because we started Delaney at Gymboree when she was 6 months old and we still have NOT started Hadley there. Mostly it's due to the fact that when Delaney is gone to preschool, Hadley still takes a morning nap and when she wakes up it's time to go get Delaney from school. Juggling two schedules is much different than one! After seeing how much Hadley enjoyed herself, we'll definitely have to enroll her once she drops her morning nap! To all reading this that were able to make the party, thank you so much for helping us celebrate Hadley's special day! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hadley's birthday cupcake

As you all can see, Hadley's birthday cupcake was a success! I can't say this is her first cupcake since we've been to a few other parties where cake was served as well. This is the first time though that Hadley has been allowed to get this messy! Honestly, as gross as she sometimes gets at her meals, this didn't seem too bad. Aside from the cake in the hair, that only came out during her bath, the rest was pretty easy. Look, she even made a cute little piggy face at the end!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Hadley!

Today is Hadley's 1st birthday!!! We survived her very first year...yay! I will post more pictures later because we have not done cake yet (that will have to wait for Daddy). I just wanted to share a few pictures of her this morning playing with her new kitchen & goofing off with her balloons. What a ham! When I get the camera out, she automatically gives me the silliest grin ever. After Delaney got out of preschool today, we took Hadley to Jump 4 Joeys (inflatable bouncey place) and she had a blast! She's not afraid to try anything that she sees Delaney doing and she's figured out how to safely go down the slide by herself. I cannot believe how grown up she is! My little baby is one today...I'm happy and sad all at once.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope that everyone reading this will get out and do at least one nice thing for the Earth today. This morning on my walk with the girls, we took a bag and Delaney helped me pick up trash in our neighborhood. I actually could not believe that we filled the whole bag up before we were even half way through the subdivision. Delaney really got into it and was so proud of her hard work! I tried to explain to her why it's not nice to throw trash outside and it makes the Earth "sad." Ha! She did a great job and now I think we will do the trash pick-up more often! I must say though, I am appalled at what people throw away outside. Use your trash cans!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Buddy the Great

Okay, feeling kinda guilty, I am dedicating this blog to our dog, Buddy. Why? I feel guilty because we've had this beloved creature for 10 years now. Since having the girls, he has really taken the back burner around here and doesn't always get the attention or praise that he deserves. Although this dog can drive me insane for all sorts of reasons, he is truly a GREAT dog. He is so darn good with our kids. He is so sweet to Delaney even as she's running around the house holding his bone in her hands hoping he'll chase her for it. Now that we have Hadley he's been sweet to her as well. Much to his delight, she is playing fetch with him now. She may not throw the ball very far but it's the effort that counts! So if you're reading this Buddy....we do LOVE you even if we don't show it like we should!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I wanna walk!!

As Hadley's 1st birthday is just a week away, the question I'm often asked is "Is she walking yet?" And to answer that, no she is not (thank God). Since Delaney walked at 10 months old, I am in NO HURRY for my little Hadley to take her first steps. Part of my no-hurry attitude is that she's our last baby and I feel that once she takes her first steps, she will no longer be my little baby. She'll be on her way to being a big girl! I'm not ready for that...not yet. But...I think if Hadley could have her way, she'd be walking now. I wanted to share some pictures of her pushing her toy all over the house; even being risky and trying to manuever it through dangerous and off-limits territory. She's so proud and so frustrated all at the same time. My sinking feeling though is that's we're not far off from walking! I sense we'll be doing it very soon indeed!

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Little Ponies Live!

On Saturday, as a special treat, I took Delaney to see My Little Ponies Live. I chose to not tell her what we were doing that day until we were walking in the door. At first, all she saw was pictures of My Little Ponies everywhere so she was excited by this instantly. Then, we went into the theater and waited for them to come onstage. When this happened, her face was priceless! EXCITEMENT! She sat there and did nothing for the first 15 minutes but watch the ponies dance and sing. After the shock wore off, she became chatty & would clap and sing. Very sweet! She loved it so much that yesterday (Sunday) when I asked her what she wanted to do, she told me she wanted to see the ponies again!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break Fun

Woohoo it's Spring Break! No school for Delaney! I'm sure that's how she felt this week with our more relaxed schedule. Although now that I'm looking back over the week, we were still pretty busy but it was doing FUN things.

Monday: Trip to the doctor; Delaney has a sinus infection & ear infection (admitedly, not fun for any of us).
Tuesday: Playdate with our friends KC, Charli & Jasper. The girls played dress up! Too cute!
Wednesday: Picnic at Lewis Park
Thursday: Trip to Atlanta Zoo (holy cow it was crowded but still fun).
Friday: Playdate with our friends Michelle, Canyon & Luke. The kids played outside ALL day! As you can see in the pictures, a water table event. It got up to 83 degrees so the kids needed some cool relief. And did they ever get it!

So that is our week in a nutshell. Back to school we go on Monday! Only 6 weeks left of school then out for the summer!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

Okay, I could NOT resist sharing these pictures with you. As we all know with kids, they are the sweetest little things when they are sleeping! As of lately, Delaney is absolutely addicted to horses and/or ponies. She is getting quite the collection these days thanks in part to our friend Michelle who lovingly gave Delaney all of her old "My Little Ponies." Delaney is allowed to pick 2 animals (horses, etc.) to sleep with every night in addition to "Polly." This has become a sore subject with Delaney because she insists that she needs to sleep with all of her horses. So the other day, I go in to wake her up from her nap and low and behold, what do I find? She obviously snuck out of her bed and put all the horses she could find into bed with her to nap. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures so I could scrapbook it! Obviously, the last shot is of Hadley sleeping with her beloved froggie. She also has quite the attachment to that blanket as Delaney does with Polly. So sweet!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finger Painting 101

Typically after the girls nap in the afternoon, we always go outside and play until it's dinnertime. But lately, we've had lots of rainy days so we've had to find other ways to occupy our time. So on this day, we decided to do a little finger painting. Now Delaney as you can see is finger painting with real finger paint. She's pretty good at it and manages to stay pretty clean as she is used to it. But little Hadley, has not had as much practice and is still in the stage of putting absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth. I didn't want her to use real paints because I figured they probably don't taste the best! So, I thought vanilla pudding might be a fun alternative for her and boy did I hit the jackpot on that idea. Hadley LOVED it! She loved the pudding so much that she licked it off the table when there was no more (yes I posted a picture of her doing this). The only mistake I probably made in all this was I should have placed a sheet under her chair to catch little bits of pudding she sprinkled on the floor for Buddy to eat! But no worries, Buddy managed to clean up pretty well after her!